SudSafe Car Wash Kit

Part Number: 92-K0166

Description: Storm drains convey water through the public storm water system to the nearest stream or lake without treatment. It is important to keep vehicle wash water from entering storm drains because detergents, oils, and heavy metals can be toxic to aquatic life. The SudSafe car wash kit captures wash water before it enters the storm drain and pumps it to either a grassy area or sanitary sewer. Using this kit helps to protect the quality of water in your community.
Easy to use:
Simply remove grate with hook
Place tub into catch basin
Set up safety cones
Attach hose and GFCI cord
Place pump into tub
Drain hose to sewer, sink or ground area
Standard Catch Basin Dimensions: 23 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 10" to fit 24" x 18" Storm Drains
Contents: Tub w/ gasket, pump, grate hook, 100' commercial grade hose, GFCI shock protection cord, extension cord, 2 safety cones, instruction sheet, storage bag.

Sump Pump Specs

Volts Hz Amps Watts Performance
(GPM @ Height in Feet)
Shut-Off (ft) PSI
FLA Start 5' 10' 15'
115 60 8.5 10.4 660 35 30 20 25 10.8
HP Volts Switch Type/
On Level Off Level Cord Weight
1/4 115 Integral Snap-Action Float 7" - 10" 2" - 5" 10' 10.25 lbs

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