AmeriZorb Throw and Go Professional (75 bags)

Part Number: AZ-002

Description: Throw & Go Professional contains pumice and gives traction to slick spill surfaces. Sold in .75 cubic foot bags by pallets of 75 bags. The Organic Answer to Contaminant Clean-Up.

Throw & Go Professional cleans up water-based and hydrocarbon spills better than most absorbents. The primary ingredient of That Stuff is sedge/sphagnum peat moss. Our peat moss is processed in such a way as to enhance its natural absorption properties. This process allows Throw-And-G0 to hold onto both water-based and hydrocarbon spills tightly, reducing secondary run-off (also known as secondary contamination or leaching). Throw-And-Go is effective in accident scene contamination spills and has long term bio-degradability, meaning it will work and last for years. These attributes make Throw-And-Go excellent for on-scene containment absorption and safe for landfill disposal.

Shipping Info: This item ships directly from the manufacturer or via freight. You will be contacted with an accurate shipping quote (paid separately).

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