Spill Containment Berms

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Bowhead proudly carries a high quality line of spill containment berms to provide secondary spill containment for vehicles, drums, tanks, bladders, IBCs and more. We have many standard sizes in stock ready to ship to help comply with SPCC and EPA spill containment regulations.

Our secondary containment berms are made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Spokane, WA. All of our spill berms come standard with industry leading XR-5 Geomembrane that easily outlasts lower quality materials used by our competition. Backed by a 1 year manufacturing and 5 year prorated material warranty, you won’t find higher quality berms.

• In Stock Ready to Ship
• Custom Sizes Available
• Helps Meet EPA 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC
• Made in the USA
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self rising containment berm

Throw N' Go® Self Rising Containment Berm

This self rising containment berm is quick to deploy, requires no assembly and can be driven on from any angle. The unique design of this containment berm allows the sidewalls to stay lowered during normal operation, reducing the tripping hazard. 

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snap up containment berm

Snap Up Containment Berm

The economical design of our Snap Up berm is quick and easy to set up and provides secure containment for small and large capacity needs. PVC support brackets provide sturdy sidewall support and can be quickly lowered for easy access. 

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drive through containment berm

Drive Through Flexwall Containment Berm

Our Flexwall Berm is a unique and innovative combination of the our Snap Up and Throw N’ Go berm technologies. Utilizing the low cost and quick setup of the Snap Up design in the sidewalls and the self-rising capability of the Throw N' Go for the endwalls, the Flexwall berm gets the best of both worlds. 

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foam containment berm

Foam Containment Berm

Designed for equipment maintenance and portable drum containment, our Foam Berm provides low profile containment than can be easily driven over by vehicles, dollies and other equipment. The foam in the sidewalls of this spill containment berm retain their shape and allow this berm to be quickly deployed with no additional setup.

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throw n snap berm

Throw 'N Snap® Containment Berm

The Throw N’ Snap berm is a modified version of our Throw N’ Go self rising berm allowing it to be used as effective containment at lower temperatures without the risk of snow load hindering the ability for the sidewalls to rise. 

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flexible spill pan

Flexible Spill Pan

Reliable and durable flexible spill containment designed with 3” foam logs that can be driven over from any angle. This containment berm is perfect for small volume spill containment.

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Spill Berms

Spill Berms

Temporary spill berm seals off spills from the environment, nearby drains and doorways. Standard 10 foot sections can be cut to various lengths to meet custom needs. Unique, urethane material "weeps" into small cracks and crevices to seal off liquid flow. Spill Berm is non-absorbing and is easily cleaned for repeated use. Also available in black to help hide dirt and grime.

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