Stream Guards

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Stream guards are one of the products Bowhead is most proud of. Storm drains are a huge source of pollution, not many people know that washing dirt, antifreeze, oils from the car, over-fertilizing lawns and even trash and debris will make it into a storm drain leading to local waterways like rivers and oceans. Storm drains are used to drain rain water and snow run off out of the streets to prevent flooding but unlike the sewers this water is sent directly to the nearest water way untreated. The pollutants mentioned before when drained can cause significant damage for instance 1 quart of oil can contaminate two million gallons of drinking water or create an oil slick that covers eight acres. The EPA considers about 22,000 bodies of water impaired do to pollution in the U.S. alone.

This is where our Stream Guard can play a major part in reducing the pollution sent down our drains. Bowhead has Stream Guards for all of the above. Our Stream Guard is capable of absorbing up to 1.38 gallons of hydrocarbons, so if 1 quart equals an 8 mile oil slick and there is 4 quarts in 1 gallon imagine stopping 1.38 gallons of hydrocarbons from entering the water. There are many more interesting statistics with storm drain pollution you can find on as well as thanks for the time enjoy the site!


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